A home where everyone can live, for their whole life.

Welcome to Verdant, a residential concept new to Canberra,
with a fundamental connection to human nature.

Three meticulously designed homes that tread lightly on their foundations, where energy efficiency and connection to greenspace is a priority. Homes where generations age together, where accessibility is key, where independence is given, and togetherness is easy

Verdant’s Weston project is part of the ACT Government’s Demonstration Housing Project, which ‘seeks to deliver innovative and best practice housing design and typologies not currently available in Canberra’.

Verdant’s project aims to provide the ‘missing middle’ to the Canberra market, being thoughtfully designed, disability adaptable, medium-density dwellings, that enable multi-generational living and aging-in-place.  The design, by award-winning architect Rob Henry Architects, includes two larger four-bedroom dwellings (Units 1 and 2A) and a third fully disability-accessible single-bedroom unit (Unit 2B), that can form part of one of the larger dwellings, or be separately titled as third unit.  Accessibility is enhanced with the use of lifts, while the design incorporates garden city principles, with private courtyards for each dwelling, as well as deep-rooted plantings and a green roof straddling Units 1 and 2A, as well as green walls.

The project will require a site-specific amendment to the Territory Plan, to enable three units to be titled (only two are currently permitted on the block).  However, the design approximates the footprint of existing potential uses for the site, including single and dual occupancies.



Perched high above Weston Creek — Verdant delivers
uninterrupted views through to the beautiful Brindabella range.

Community Consultation

As part of the Demonstration Housing Project, Verdant was required to present the design to the National Capital Design Review Panel and is currently undertaking community consultation prior to lodging its development application.

The development application will be lodged, along with a site-specific Territory Plan variation, after the closure of community consultation.  Due to the current lockdown, community consultation will now be extended until 5 pm Friday 17 September 2021.

A timeline of consultation measures undertaken to date is set out below:

October 2020        website launched

December 2020   initial contact made with Weston Creek Community Council

January 2021        letters and flyers delivered to Buvelot Street and Rubbo Crescent

February 2021      further discussions Weston Creek Community Council

22 March 2021      Verdant presents at Weston Creek Community Committee meeting

31 March 2021      Verdant presents at Weston Creek Community Council monthly meeting

16 August 2021.    Western Creek Community Council notified of consultation closure scheduled for 3 September 2021

18 August 2021      pre-development application community consultation extended to 17 September 2021

18 August 2021      letters and flyers delivered to Buvelot Street and Rubbo Crescent, advising of closure of community consultation on 17 September 2021

In response to feedback received during community consultation, an additional carpark has been included in the design.  Further consideration will also be given to additional deep-rooted plantings, to enhance the already extensive green-space within the project.

If you have questions about the Territory Plan variation process, please visit the Demonstration Housing Project website.

If you have any feedback you would like to provide about the project prior to community consultation closure at 5 pm on 17 September 2021, please get in touch below.